The definition of the word "Advent" is an arrival or coming, especially one which is awaited. The paintings in this section reflect that definition. One must explore the word a little deeper than the season in which we "wait for the Lord" before Christmas. I color highlighted the word "Advent" because purple is the color of the Lord's royalty. It is also represents a time of penance and humility in which we explore what Advent is to us. It is the exploration in humility that is key to anyone's Advent. I have had many "advents" in my life. The first one I can think of is my marriage, then my son, his marriage and then my grandchildren. All of these reflect, or should reflect, the Christ in all people and events. But there are many other advents we may not recognize. The advent of our baptism and all the other sacraments we experience. In each of them, we are anticipating Christ. How about the advent of new friendships, new experiences like college, jobs, ministry and coming of new advances in science? Advent can be defined as an approach, appearance, arrival, entrance, onset, occurrence, or visitation. I think of my growing faith and spirituality as an ongoing advent. What are the advents of your life? How and are they making you are better person? Are you looking for them? Do you recognize them? Is Christ in them? I hope, in these paintings, you see more than what is on the canvas and look deeper into your soul... for the "Advent" of your life is awaiting you there.