When I think of the color blue I think of the sky and heaven and I have a sense of awe when I look up to it. The cool temperature of this color of divinity stands for peace, tranquility, stability and harmony. It also stands for loyalty and trust. Bright Blue symbolizes the sky or heaven, where angels proclaimed Jesus' birth. It is the color of God's chosen people, the nation we know as Israel. Blue dates back to the time of David. In Ezek. 1:26, the restored throne of David, which declares it will rule supreme in all the earth, is God's throne and is spoken of as sapphire, which is a shade of blue. In Roman Catholic tradition, it symbolizes Mary, who is known as "the Queen of Heaven." It can also symbolize the waters of the first chapter of Genesis, the beginning of a new creation. This blue enables people to look past their current situation, into the unknown like staring into the sky in thought and prayer. Blue is the color of royalty to welcome the coming of a King. Since the Blessed Virgin Mary was mother of the King of kings, it is fitting that blue symbolizes her, for all these definitions of blue define her. This section has a lot of color for Our Lady who had many experiences in her life that lent itself to much joy and sorrow. The blue of the "sword" lily (a type of iris) represents Our Lady's heart that was pierced and there are many other colorful flowers you will see in this section. The fruit of the pear represents the fruit of her womb (the Advent song: Partridge in a pear tree) and the almonds represents her royalty from the Book of Numbers. Her sorrowful face against the red sky will leave you staring into those eyes for a long time. But it is the gold that represents her trials, for it was by fire that she was tested all through her life when she gave her "Fiat". She lived it out perfectly and became as pure as gold. In humility she became the golden tabernacle of our Salvation. She waits for us at the golden gates of Heaven and always leads us to her Son, Jesus Christ, whose golden crown declares him the King of kings. You will wear a golden crown someday. Will you seek it out in your trials as they come along? Will you pass the test of fire to be purified like gold? Will your blue represent the waters of your life as in Genesis? Will the color blue welcome the King of kings into your golden tabernacle of love in your soul? ... for it is there where He resides.