There is so much to say about the color red. It is a primary color and when mixed with the primary colors of yellow and/or blue they make the other colors of the Church come to life. Red is the source of life (blood) and in these paintings, red is in almost every one of them. Throughout this section (and some of the others) red is a prominent color because it represents so many facets of our faith. The blood of Christ from His Passion, atonement and redemption, the fire of His Love (where the most intense color is red in the flames), and God's love out poured in martyrdom all come through the Holy Spirit. That love is a pure, intense, hot, burning love. Red represents the emotions of Jesus on the cross as He cried out His love in the seven last words. The Holy Spirit delivers that message, represented by the color red, to each of us as we confirm ourselves in the faith as young adults in the Sacrament of Confirmation. Have you allowed your hearts to be brought to life by the color red? Through the Holy Spirit entering your soul, the personal passions of your life are meant to bring you into new life. When you suffer your personal "passions", a type of martyrdom occurs that allows you to become a new creation in Christ, a witness to the people around you and to be God's love to others. Red is the color of love, not because Hallmark made it so, but because Christ made it so by shedding His blood out of pure, intense, hot, burning, enthusiastic, undying and unconditional love for us. What are you willing to "shed" for love of others? Time? Money? Talent? Home? Food? Clothing? Kindness? Instruction? Advice? Consolation? Comfort? Forgiveness? Bearing wrongs patiently? Red is the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Red is Adam, the first man because he came from the red earth. Red is sacrifice and consuming fire. In Isaiah 1:18 (NIV)...red is: "Though your sins are like scarlet... though they are red as crimson..." but it also states: they shall be as white as snow; ... they shall be like wool. Red is the first color of the rainbow which was given to us as a covenant by God. Let that color be the beginning of your personal covenant in your soul and mix that red with all the other colors to complete your personal rainbow to a full promise of eternal life as a new creation.