In the rainbow, the color purple symbolizes the link between the finite and the infinite. It symbolizes the bridge between creature to the creator. It is the color of royalty. At the end of the rainbow it becomes ultraviolet and so does our spiritual journey ... the finite to the eternal. How appropriate that is because that describes what happens during Lent spiritually speaking. Lent opens the subconscious through penance, fasting, humility and the experience of pseudo-melancholy as we try to prepare for the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Through this color that represents our preparation, we gain wisdom, spiritual growth, awareness and self-mastery from our sins. Lent is a time of solemn religious observance, usually observed from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation through prayer, penance, and repentance of sins, almsgiving, atonement and self-denial. The paintings in this section reflect all of this. Purple is the merger of the colors red and blue which we have discussed in earlier chapters and so is also a combination of the attributes of both those colors. The various tones of purple (darker violet, deep purple, lilac and bluish purple) represent everything from sorrow and spiritual awareness and eventually leading to love towards humanity. But Lent is not just for one particular season of the Church. As with Advent there are many "Lents" in our lives. Maybe you are preparing for your personal lent through chronic illness, divorce, job layoff or a terminally ill loved one. All of these life situations must be prepared for as we also prepare for the liturgical observance of Lent. In these paintings you will see suffering and hope... and a future. As tough as it is to experience a personal lent, we know that there is also resurrection or your personal "easter". Purple starts out with suffering and journeys to a victorious overcoming of personal trials. What are your personal trials? Are you centered on the example of Christ's Paschal Mystery to get you through your lent? Are you focused on the final victory of eternal life, the broken chains of sin and the "prize in the sky": complete union with Christ in eternal Eucharist as you go through your big Lent and small lent? This is the final color in the rainbow and your final destination; your eternal retirement plan. When you complete your personal rainbow (DeColores God) this becomes your gift from the Eternal Father who sends you love letters of color every day to your soul.