A plethora of color in various tones creates this next section of paintings. So I have titled it "Rainbow" because it is a collection of stories, color, hope and a future. A recognizable recently canonized saint, flowers, flaming hearts and a rooster are among the collection to express the colors of God's Love. Just as the Rainbow symbolized God's covenant promise to humanity so, too, do the paintings express the continuation of that promise to the contemporary world. We know that a rainbow is formed by the reflection and refraction of sunlight in raindrops. When a ray of light enters a raindrop, it bends and gets separated into its constituent colors. I see this as how God enters our souls and as we have seen, each of these colors have their own meanings. When we allow him to enter our souls to bend us it is how the Lord stretches us, teaches us and loves us with each raindrop that holds the reflection of Who He is and the refraction of each color to describe what He is to make us who we are and will become. Since the story of Noah in the Old testament, the Lord continues to keep His promises to those who keep His commandments. It is no coincidence that the perfect biblical number seven is the amount of letters in the word rainbow and the amount of colors in the rainbow. These colors and their meanings, lead us in our journey from being human to suffering our personal passions, being guided by God to our eternal destination. If seen from above, Rainbows are a complete circle with no beginning and no end just like God. Rainbows still appear in the sky but they also appear in so many other ways. The rainbow of humanity with our many skin colors, the rainbow of flowers, fruits and vegetables, the rainbow of animals and fish that traverse the earth and seas, the rainbow of minerals and so much more. In all of life, color teems throughout proving that the God of Love, the God of joy, the God of Illumination, the God of Peace, the God of Life, the God of Wisdom, and the God of Mercy is among us. Explore the colors of your life. Let the colors of your soul reflect and refract the rainbow that lives inside for that rainbow has as many names as there are colors. Alpha and Omega, Counselor, Healer, Wonderful, Powerful, Savior, Teacher, Almighty God, Abba, Creator, Emmanuel, Holy One, I Am, King of kings, Lord of lords, Love, Messiah, Prince of Peace, Truth and so much more.