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Glimpse Of Heaven

Glimpse of Heaven
On Good Friday of 1996 I experienced a dream that was so profound I can still "see" it in my mind's eye. I had been having a renewal of my spiritual growth at the time and the dream seemed to be a wake up call from the Lord. When I awoke from the dream I was crying because I understood to the deepest part of my soul what my sins had done to my Lord and yet, at the same time I was experiencing the amazing grace of His Love and forgiveness. Show more...

It is my hope that you found something in these pages that touched your heart and soul. As I head into the future in a different state of life, other than I anticipated, as a divorced and disabled middle aged woman, I know that God is walking with me; and like the famous "Footprints" poem says, often carrying me along the sands on the beach. There is so much more to the story but it is not as important as what is on the pages of this site.

Some of the paintings were dreams I had and tried to translate onto canvas, others were inspirations from scripture, pilgrimages I took, people I met along the way, and after much prayer before I sat on my stool to paint, they often just took off as the Holy Spirit grabbed hold of my hand and used it to paint what He wanted. I often had no plans in my head when I sat down to paint and they became some of the most amazing stories on canvas. The poetry was something I have never written before and I wrote them while sitting for many hours in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament in a 6 day period while on pilgrimage in Medjugorje a month after the divorce was complete.

I had intended to write some meditations with corresponding scripture verses and figured it was at least a 2 year project. As you can see, when the Lord ordains something to happen, it takes off and it falls into place because God's plan is perfect and already set up to be accomplished. When we cooperate with His plan, amazing things happen. I will continue to paint and write as I move forward in the healing process. I do not know what else God has in mind for me but one thing I have learned, it is always an adventure, it is always challenging, it is sometimes hard and wrought with suffering but it is always life changing, growth inducing and wisdom gaining...especially if you chose the path of love and forgiveness over anger and bitterness.

If we are to be Christ like we have to be open to accept the consequences of taking up and accepting our cross. I love my cross because it brings me closer to Him who loves me and closer to Heaven when I suffer and use it for the greater good of those who hurt me. If not for the Cross of Christ, none of us would understand why we are His greater good. He did it for us so must we do it for each other. That is why it is called "Good" Friday. That day was not dark but full of light and full of color and the rooster reminds us with his colorful plumes and the cock of his crow to not deny Him but to follow Him all the way to the gates of Heaven.

May God bless you always and in all ways and may His mercy, love and compassion guide you in your life. DeColores God!